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Drug Crimes Results

    • People v. D.S. - Drug Crimes Case Dismissed

      D.S. was stopped for a traffic violation and was found to be in possession of a large quantity of illegal drugs. He was subsequently arrested and charged with Transportation/Sales of Drugs. D.S. retained Mr. Holmes to represent him in regard to the felony case, and Mr. Holmes was able to get the entire case dismissed!

    • People v. R.C. - Drug Crimes Case Dismissed

      Police stopped R.C. for a vehicle code violation. After the officers stopped him, they searched his vehicle and found approximately 150 pounds of drugs inside of his vehicle. R.C. was arrested and charged with Possession for Sale/Transportation of approximately 150 pounds of illegal drugs. Facing significant prison time, R.C. hired Michael Holmes to represent him in court. Mr. Holmes obtained all of the police reports and other discovery, and was able to get the entire case dismissed after filing legal papers arguing law enforcement violated R.C.’s Constitutional rights.

    • Possession of Drugs for Sale & Gang Allegation - Drug Crimes Case Dismissed