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DUI Results

    • DUI with .21 Blood Alcohol Content - DUI Case Dismissed
    • 2nd Time DUI - DUI Case Dismissed
    • DUI with .14 Blood Alcohol Level - DUI Won DMV Hearing & DUI Dismissed
    • 3rd Time DUI with .14 BAC - DUI Case Dismissed
    • Felony DUI Causing Injury - DUI Case Dismissed
    • DUI - Big Rig Truck Driver - Cocaine - DUI Case Dismissed
    • People v. B.M. - DUI Case Dismissed

      B.M. was a non-commissioned officer in the military, stationed in Southern California. While driving his vehicle, B.M. was involved in a major motor vehicle accident. Because law enforcement found B.M. to be “impaired” when he was driving his vehicle, and the collision resulted in significant injuries (fractured arm) to the driver of the other vehicle, B.M was arrested and charged with Felony DUI – causing injury. After B.M. hired Mr. Holmes to represent him, Mr. Holmes obtained all of the police reports and other discovery and was able to get the entire DUI dismissed!

    • 2nd Time DUI & Driving With Suspended License - DUI Case Dismissed