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Felonies Results

    • Felony Extortion - Felonies Case Dismissed
    • People v. C.A. - Felonies Probation

      C.A. was a “3-Striker” that was arrested and charged with arson, after being accused of setting his ex-girlfriend’s house on fire. C.A., facing the rest of his life in prison, hired Mr. Holmes to represent him. After Mr. Holmes obtained all of the reports and discovery related to the case, Mr. Holmes was able to get C.A. probation, and he was immediately released from jail.

    • People v. T.W. - Felonies Case Dismissed

      T.W. was accused of, and subsequently arrested for, felony child abuse. T.W. was facing over 5 years in State Prison, and retained Michael Holmes to represent him in court. Mr. Holmes was able to get the felony case dismissed, and T.W. was able to get his life back, without having to spend any time in prison/jail and without having a felony on his record.

    • 3 Strikes - Felonies Case Dismissed