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Robbery / Theft Results

    • People v. M.R. - Robbery / Theft No Jail Time

      M.R. was arrested for armed robbery after being accused of robbing a store with a knife. M.R. was facing an extensive amount of time in prison, and wasted no time hiring Michael Holmes to represent him. After Mr. Holmes was done with his investigation, he was able to get M.R. a misdemeanor theft charge with NO JAIL time.

    • People v. R.C. - Robbery / Theft Not Guilty Verdict

      R.C. worked for a construction company and was accused of stealing nearly $40,000.00 from his employer. After signing an “apology letter,” confessing to the crime and agreeing to pay the owner back, R.C. was arrested and subsequently charged with felony Grand Theft and Embezzlement from his employer. Facing 5 years in State Prison, B.M. hired R.C. to represent him in Court. At the initial court hearing, the prosecutor made an offer of 5 years in State Prison. Mr. Holmes obtained all of the police reports and other discovery, conducted an extensive investigation related to the accusation, and subsequently set the matter for trial. After the case was submitted to the jury, a verdict of Not-Guilty was returned, and R.C.’s life returned to normal.

    • People v. N.G. - Robbery / Theft NO JAIL or PRISON TIME

      N.G. worked for a local company for several years, and was accused of stealing/embezzling approximately $400,000.00 from her employer. During an interview with her employer, N.G. is said to have acknowledged stealing from her employer, and agreed to pay the money back to her employer. With law enforcement claiming they had a “confession,” N.G. was arrested and charged with felony theft/embezzlement. N.G. immediately retained Michael Holmes to represent her in Court. After N.G. received a state prison offer from the prosecutor, Mr. Holmes obtained all of the police reports, other investigation documents, and interviewed each of the witnesses, he subsequently set the matter for Jury Trial. As a result of the investigation conducted by Mr. Holmes, the case was resolved with N.G. receiving NO JAIL or PRISON TIME at all.

    • Carjacking & Robbery - Robbery / Theft Case Dismissed