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At The Law Office of Michael J. Holmes, we understand the challenges of bail in a criminal case. Choosing the right bail agent to post your bond can be one of the most important decisions in your case. A good bail agent is there for you in your time of need, while the worst seek any opportunity to rescind your bail and send you back into custody. Over the years, we have seen some of the best and worst companies offering bail bonds.

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Finding a Reputable Bail Agent

Ideally, you want to find a reputable bail agent and avoid disreputable companies. For example, a client charged with a lower level criminal offense failed to make the required daily call to the bail agent. Yes, this bail company actually requires clients to call every day at a specific time. Should they be late or fail to call, the company uses that as an excuse to revoke their bond. This results in the person being taken into custody and losing the money paid to the bail agent.

When you need help with bail, look for an agent that has:

  • A physical office
  • A current bail license
  • A professional demeanor
  • A good reputation with former clients
  • Been recommended by someone you know and trust

Although we do not recommend specific companies for bail bonds, our Santa Ana criminal defense attorney has seen many bail agents in action over the past 17 years. Some have stood out as reputable and ethical companies. We can provide the names and numbers of some bail agents that you may want to consider.

Changes to Bail in California

In August 2018, California passed legislation to end the cash bail system. The new law was signed by Governor Jerry Brown and is set to take effect in October 2019. Under the new system, risk assessment tools will be used to determine whether an individual should be released pending trial. Criminal justice reform advocates are wary of the new law due to concerns that the power given to judges may result in more people being denied bail. Bail agents are fighting the law because they stand to lose a significant amount of money. We are watching the developments as this law is being challenged to provide reliable information to our clients.

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