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An individual may be charged with possession with intent to sell when they are caught with illegal drugs which are not intended for personal use. If you are accused of possessing drugs with the intent to sell them to another person, call The Law Office of Michael J. Holmes for help from an accomplished possession with intent to sell attorney in Santa Ana.

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Proving Intent to Sell

The charge of possession with intent to sell arises when a defendant is discovered with an unlawful substance in an amount that is enough to sell, and they plan to sell the drug. The prosecution has the responsibility to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you were in possession of a controlled substance which you intended to sell.

The prosecution must prove that you:

  • Were in control of an unlawful substance
  • Had the intent to sell the controlled substance
  • Knew that the drug was a controlled substance
  • Possessed an amount of the substance which was enough to sell

If you are convicted, you may be facing severe consequences, including years in prison. The best way to protect your rights and freedom is to secure representation from a criminal defense attorney with specific experience handling serious drug charges. Attorney Michael J. Holmes has more than 17 years of experience, including as a defense attorney and former prosecutor. As a result of this experience, he knows the tactics used to convict defendants like you, and he uses this information to build a strong defense on your behalf.

Investigating All Possible Defense Strategies

Our possession with intent to sell lawyer in Santa Ana will investigate all possible defense strategies to represent your best interests and protect your rights. We work to discount the prosecution’s case by showing that law enforcement used illegal search and seizure tactics, you were not aware of the alleged possession, or you did not intend to sell the controlled substance.

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