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Multiple DUI Offenses

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Prior drunk driving convictions have a significant impact on the consequences for future convictions. Courts do not take multiple DUI offenses lightly and may impose tougher penalties if you are convicted. At The Law Office of Michael J. Holmes, our DUI lawyer in Santa Ana fights to minimize the impact that multiple DUI convictions have on your life.

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Reducing the Impact of Multiple DUI Offenses

A conviction for a second, third, or subsequent DUI offense may result in extremely harsh consequences. The severity of the consequences for a conviction depends on your number of DUI convictions in the past decade. If you have been charged with multiple DUIs, it is essential for you to seek skilled legal representation as soon as possible.

Penalties for multiple DUI convictions may include:

  • Probation
  • Large fines
  • Imprisonment
  • Alcohol classes or counseling
  • A suspended or revoked driver’s license

Michael J. Holmes is a skilled criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. He uses his knowledge and experience to help clients get charges for subsequent DUIs dismissed, as well as obtain acquittals, not guilty verdicts, and plea agreements.

Protecting Your Rights & Freedom

If you have a prior conviction and are charged with a subsequent DUI offense, you could be facing time in jail and years without a driver’s license. This may put your job, living situation, and personal relationships in jeopardy, in addition to the criminal penalties you may be facing. Our attorney works diligently to have the charges dismissed, whenever possible. If the charges cannot be dismissed, we work to secure an alternative sentencing option to keep you out of jail, enabling you to live your normal life.

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